Support Digital Devices CI Interfaces

Added by Jasmin Jessich about 6 years ago

Hello TVH and DD CI users!

I have implemented the support for the Digital Devices CI interfaces (see also Currently only one service can use the dedicated CI at a time. There is no MCD (Multi Channel Decoding) or MTD (Multi Tuner Decoding) implemented.

It is 95% working, but sometimes the CAM doesn't decrypt. This is no problem of the new code, but of the PID selection for CAMs in TVH general, I guess. I tried to find the reason, but TVH is too complicated in this area and I am not willing to spend hours and hours to analyse this part of TVH. The DD CI code is 100% finished and works, if the PIDs are set properly by TVH. This has been already tested by me and another TVH user.

I also asked Jaroslav for support, but he has currently no time, so I stopped the project at this stage. As long as I don't get more support, I am not willing to continue working on this! I am not using TVH at all and did this only, because a friend asked me to do this. Without proper support form any TVH developer the last 5% can't be implemented.

You can find the code at GitHub on the ddci branch:

I will not submit a pull request, because it is not 100% working. Once the last 5% are done, it can be integrated to TVH.

Have fun and BR,

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RE: Support Digital Devices CI Interfaces - Added by the man over 2 years ago

Robin Brouwer wrote:

When compiling minisatip with ddci=1 in the make file, minisatip will do the redirection itself without ddbridge needing to do it!

Update: Minisatip version: v1.1.4-65f7685 Fixed emm processing for ddci. So on my setup this version of minisatip will descramble perfectly. You might want to look at the -c parameter. It allows setting the maximum amount of channels that will be descrambled using a single cam. It defaults to 2 now. If you know you can do more, it is wise to use that parameter to adjust that for each cam.

Hello Robin, and also all in the topic,
very thanks for an update! I will try it as well.

Last time i tried to make minisat2ip work with the ddci=1 did not bring a success (((
I have Digital Devices OctopusCI S2 Pro Advanced - Twin CI and Twin DVB-S2 Tuner

The smartcard is a black Astra HD02 with the AlphaCrypt light r.2.2.
Checked this combination On windows, and it works well there...