Tvheadend + CCcam-Protocol = less configuration

Added by C K about 10 years ago

Hi Team,

using all caids with Tvheadend is very inefficient (without a camd.socket): you have to create a port for EVERY caid (see Screenshot).

I have to define 64! ports and entries for every single caid.

Using the cccam-protocol would be much less configuration.

Please think about it...

BTW: great program, works like a charm!

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RE: Tvheadend + CCcam-Protocol = less configuration - Added by Hein Rigolo about 10 years ago

to me a CAID is a identifier for a specific encryption for a specific tv network. Have access to 64 (!) different CAID on a legal basis would mean that you need to have 64 valid subscriptions for 64 different tv networks.

I find that highly unlikely.

Also, the CCcam protocol is closed source and only available through reverse engineering. And the makers of CCcam are known to actively prevent alternative clients from working.

the newcamd protocol is open source and documented and an open source CAM server is also available (OScam) so I think that it is also very unlikely that the CCcam protocol will be implemented within tvheadend. Unless you can provide a clean patch against the tvheadend sourcecode and you are willing to maintain that code.