Feature #1963 Add support for hardware CAM

Added by over drive over 5 years ago

it is written that Support for HW Cam is already inkluded.
Can someone tell me where to setup in TVH?

Because Mariusz Bialonczyk wrote that its integrated (see below).


Currently TVheadend supports only softcams like OScam.
However, there are certain cards (like the modern NDS cards) which are paired either with the operator's STB or a CAM module provided by the operator.
Such cards can not be read by any of the softcams available at the moment.
The service providers are offering a CAM module with card in order to receive their services in 3rd party STBs.
You can refer to DVBlast and MumuDVB for their implementation of support for hardware CAMs.


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Done in

I hope someone have some informations about this.

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RE: Feature #1963 Add support for hardware CAM - Added by over drive over 5 years ago

For explanation, when there is written, support for hardware CAM 100% fixed, i understand that

i connect a device like this

Terratec Cinergy CI Usb externes CI-Modul

to TVH and this device will be used like in any TV with CI support.
This means, TVH gets the channels from the sources like DVBS, SATIP and so on and then use the CI device when its needed. Instead TVH use Oscam, it use the CI for descrambling.