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Added by Tomislav Prebeg over 10 years ago

Hi 2 u all

i have a friend that gives me a cccam line with just his local card (hop0), if I connect to him with my oscam server and connect tvheadend to that oscam will tvheadend see that local card ?? or tvheadend is just like any other client that connect's to my oscam server ??


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RE: cccam oscam tvheadend - Added by Hein Rigolo over 10 years ago

Tvheadend will support the newcamd protocol to get the keys. If your local oscam server can forward the keys to Tvheadend using the newcamd protocol then there is no problem. Oscam can act as the "converter" to transform the request from newcamd to the cccam protocol.

So in theory it can work.