My XMLTV EPG is 24 hours out (*some channels*)!

Added by John White 15 days ago

Hello, and looking for any guidance on this issue.
I am using TVH with the OTA EPG on Freesat UK (server and I am in France...)

Been frustrated by lack of EPG on "minor channels" e.g Horror Channel (+1) and CBS group channels (if I am lucky I get 1-2 progs - basically almost just EIT) so tried to use the tv_grab_uk_tvguide XMLTV grabber.

Have successfully created conf file; enabled and run grabber; have correct channels (I believe...) in the EPG Grabber Channels page and EPG fills


"Major" channels i.e. BBC; ITV; Channel 4/5 etc all seem OK and EPG matches the Freesat listing on Freesat web pages
"Minor" channels e.g. Horror; CBS etc all show EPG for the next (i.e. following) 24 hours; "playing" channel from TVH web interface works fine and the channel is correct but quite definitely the wrong program

Anyone else seen this?

Apart from running the "conf" file creation from CLI; rest has been done in TVH interface; server is running in CET but TVH settings are to use UTC and all OTA recordings for "Major" channels work fine

Ideas please...

John W