m3u list Change link

Added by Dark Penguin about 1 year ago

Hi all,

first thing first i'd like to congratulate for the support of this forum. I'm newbi of Tvheadend but i would increase my knowledge. I'm facing with my IPTV supplier that is constantly changing channels addresses and every time i have to start from zero.

my list is filtered because there are so many channels that makes my system "heavy". I tried to replace the address from m3u but all channels numbers, epg and preferences are gone. This happen frequently (each 3 months or less) and i'll be pleased to get your support to find a solution, I'm running TVH Build: 4.2.8-36 on ubuntu 18.04.05 (VM).

Channels Adresses scheme is : http://serveradress/:port/user/password/channel id

provider is changing from http://xxxxxxxxxx /hhhhhhhh/mmmmmmm/ to http://yyyyyyyyyyy/hhhhhhhh/mmmmmmm/

Is there something i can do for avoid to rebuild every time my system ?

Thanks in advance and regards