EPG problems with IPTV

Added by Dr Spalding 4 months ago

I've been using tvheadend for a few years now after using Matt Huisman's guide in

In the last few days the EPG has stopped updating, the Australian EPG's no longer have the current date – check the epg.xml date in compared to the other files in the folder.

I hope that this is just not me going crazy and that it is fixed soon.

However, in the mean time as my recordings will stop today, I was wondering if anyone knows of another method that I can add a different EPG and still link it to my IPTV streams from Matt's guide?

Hopefully this makes sense and any help would be appreciated.

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RE: EPG problems with IPTV - Added by Dr Spalding 4 months ago

For those interested, I couldn't find any easy fix for this. So what I did was wipe my tvheadend setup.

After this, I re-added Matt's tvheadend IPTV channels via his guide. Then, I added the xlmtv EPG to tvheadend. This required adding a downloading script to my machine, then the EPG grabber module within tvheadend to grab the EPG from the xmltv script.

Then, after that I had to go into each channel within tvheadend and select the new EPG for each channel individually. (Config -> Channel / EPG -> Channels -> Edit - EPG Source - Select

This fixed the issue for me, the EPG is a little more detailed as well. If this helps anyone and you need more info, let me know and I can try to expand.