Find a definition for how services map to the XMLTV

Added by Chris Hubbard almost 2 years ago

I have been fighting with tvheadend for two weeks attempting to figure out the logic of how to map the m3u8 file to the XMLTV files properly.
I am working with multiple EPG sources, and can get them imported, however only about 2-3% actually map from services to the EPG.

What I really want to know is this for the following example, what is matched against the channel values in the XMLTV output?
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="SYFYP" tvg-logo="" group-title="US ENTERTAINMENT",SYFYP

I have tried messing with tvg-id, tvg-name, and the string data at the end of EXTINF line, then re-running the EPG import. I have changed all of these values multiple times to just about every conceivable pattern to match with XML EPG data, but I cannot figure out the pattern that is reproducible. I have tried matching against channel id:, but only against tvg-id with no luck. I have not tried in tvg-name, since that seems to screw other parts up.

This is where I THINK I should be matching in the EPG itself:
<channel id="">
<display-name>Syfy (Pacific)</display-name>
<icon src="" width="360" height="270" />

My hope is that someone can say for example tvg-name must match or fuzzy match a display name, or something like that. I know it is me that is causing the issue not tvheadend itself, I just cannot find a "source of truth" on how the EPG data gets matched to services or channels in a scan (forced or not).