Plz help m3u

Added by Naeem Ahmad over 1 year ago

Hello everyone, I m new in tvheadend server plz tell me I have m3u file linke and I should add m3u file in tvheadend but my problem is tvheadend server after mapping out put link HTTP and Clint use HTTP by internet but my question is m3u file I use by internet and Clint use by local area network without internet is possible so plz how can use in tvheadend

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RE: Plz help m3u - Added by Bart John 8 months ago

Hi did you managed to solve your problem ?

I am trying to setup tvheadend with m3u link and it doesnt poll the chanells from the link.


RE: Plz help m3u - Added by Dany L 6 months ago

Hello, I've the Same problem.

RE: Plz help m3u - Added by G Kazaroth 5 months ago

It should work. As an example, you can take a look at the forum item.
It uses a m3u containing Locast channels. The forum item shows the steps and the results. good luck.