Importing more XMLTV files using External: XMLTV

Added by Antony B over 1 year ago

Hi guys,
as EPG setup i activated 3 OTA sources (EIT, ATSC and OpenTV) and External: XMLTV. Using external XMLTV (sock) i push 4 different xmltv files, that may content same channels/broadcasts.

So, my question is, what i should expect by this setup?

External XMLTV, having high priority, should be used instead OTA, is it correct?

About external xmltv files, importing more files, I noticed (having auto-mapping epg on the channells) that some channels went assigned to more epg sources. Ok, but i would know how this is handled: latest imported xmltv source have priority? or they are merged? Or what else?

More, when i save EIT as enabed, i read in log "tbl-eit: module eit - scraper disabled by config", what does it mean? Anyway EIT is working correctly.