TVH seems to not to get XMLTV

Added by Ressler Khan 5 months ago

Hello everyone,,

I have install webgrab++ in a system that uses tvheadend and I'm not able to make it read the data stored on guide.xml. I feel that I've almost everything made and I'm losing some little detail, so I hope someone can help me.

At this moment I have the guide.xlm generated and when I run in terminal:


I get the EPG data that I scanned, so it's working ok. then I go to TVheadend and in the "EPG Grabber" section I've gone to "Internal Grabber" and select "XMLTV: /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg++".

I have also install "xmtv" running:

sudo apt-get install xmltv

My problem is that no matter what I configure in the "EPG Grabber" tab, I can't make TVheadend using the EPG data stored with webgrab+
=Many thanks in advance.