EIT grabber for all channels in one scan?

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I need some help with the OTA EIT grabber. My setup is kind of complex I think, so I will lay out what I'm using, what's working, and what I'd like to accomplish

My tuning hardware:
- 1 CableCard Tuner
- 1 Commercial IRD

Providers I'm using:
- Cable Provider
- Satellite Provider A (3 orbital locations)
- Satellite Provider B (1 orbital location)

EPG Data
- Scrape 3 providers from zap2it
- Merge 3 XML Files into 1, read via tv_grab_file

Right now, my setup works very well. I have one EPG that is capable of tuning anything from the 3 providers. However, some EPG data is either missing, or wrong.

To fix this, I have a semi-working solution. The 2 satellite providers both broadcast a few hours of EPG data for their network. For satellite provider B, this is 1 orbital location. For satellite provider A, each of the 3 orbital locations broadcast an EIT table with EPG data for all 3. However, when using the EIT grabber in TVHeadend, it will only load the EPG data for the channel that is being tuned. It ignores EPG data for all of the idle channels, even though the data is in the same table. When I view the EIT table in TSReader, several hours of EPG data is present and can be downloaded to XML. This is the same EIT table that TVHeadend's OTA/EIT grabber uses, but TVHeadEnd ignores all channels except the one being tuned/scanned.

When I tune a channel with no EPG data, TVHeadend loads it from the OTA EIT. Is there a way to make TVHeadend load the EPG data for all the other channels, since it's present in the EIT table?

Right now, TVHeadend only loads EIT data for the channel when either A) I tune it, or B) It's doing idle scanning. The idle scanning, in my situation, is 100% unnecessary. I even setup a cron to scrape the EIT table from TSReader every 5 minutes and pointed my tv_grab_file to the output, and it works as expected. But merging this XMLTV data with my XMLTV scraper for my other providers, didn't work cleanly because the formats are different.

In summary,
- I use cable + 2 satellite services
- I have 99% working EPG data, working as 1 XML file for 3 providers
- 2 satellite providers both broadcast EIT for all channels, no matter what channel is tuned
- I want OTA/EIT grabber in TVHeadend to stop scanning channels, and populate EPG with ALL visible EIT data no matter what channel is tuned
- I want OTA EIT data to fill in gaps from XML scraper (it does this already, just when scanning channels 1 by 1)
- I want OTA EIT to over-ride XML data (if not possible, thats fine, I saw a previous thread saying this feature was removed)

This probably all sounds pretty crazy and scattered, so please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Thanks everyone.

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RE: EIT grabber for all channels in one scan? - Added by saen acro over 4 years ago

Is "Over-the-air EPG" and "Idle scan muxes" enabled?

RE: EIT grabber for all channels in one scan? - Added by Code Zilla over 4 years ago

Yes and yes. When I enable both, as well as set the OTA EPG grabber at a higher priority, it will fill in missing EPG data. However, it only grabs the data for the channel I'm tuning, or during idle scanning. This is not what I want. Idle tuning goes to over 300 channels one by one. All that data can be captured with TWO scans, one scan of provider A & one scan of provider B. That's what I'm after.

RE: EIT grabber for all channels in one scan? - Added by Code Zilla over 4 years ago

To correct something above, when I tune to any given channel, TVHeadend will grab the OTA/EIT information for the entire transponder. Above I said it only grabs for the channel being tuned. However I'd still like it to grab the EIT table for ALL transponders, because every transponder broadcasts a 100% complete EIT table that includes the other transponders. I'm using 26 transponders, each are a mux. With all 26 muxes, TVHeadend sees 362 services, which I've mapped 193 as channels. No matter what channel I'm watching, the OTA/ETI table is present for all 362 channels. This is what I mean when I don't want to scan one by one, I want it to scan the EIT table regardless of what channel I'm on, then apply all that EIT data to the EPG. Right now, it will grab EIT data for the 7-10 other services/channels that are on the same mux/transponder.

RE: EIT grabber for all channels in one scan? - Added by Rob vh about 4 years ago

In the Configuration - DVB inputs tabs you will find a tab MUX Scheduler. Specify the MUX name and a cron expression, e.g., this means 7 AM: 0 7 * * *
Make sure the timeout column has enough seconds to complete an EPG scan.
I have run for years with a list of 18 MUXes (transponders) each with a 540 second timeout, and crons that are 10 minutes apart.