XMLTV Export - New Format since 4.2.8 > Error when use this format

Added by Robert S over 2 years ago


I use xmltv generated from TVH to generate EPG for my Samsung TV.
I download xmltv http://IP:9981/xmltv

Since 4.2.8 the xmltv has a new format. Because of this I can't use this file more.

The file looks like:

<channel id="629d0fd06c5419f79271d5cea91a2678">
  <display-name>Sky 1 HD</display-name>

The second display-name (Number of Channel) is the problem. This was not included in xmltv at Version 4.2.7. I only need the first display-name (Name of Channel).

Can anyone help me? Maybe I can configure the output of xmltv.

Best Regards