tv_grab_eu_epgdata and

Added by Tobias Schudt over 2 years ago


i am seems to be to dumb to configure this... I enabled the module and run on the shell
sudo /usr/bin/tv_grab_eu_epgdata --configure

Then i paste my PIN and set the time zone to Europe/Berlin.
Then i always got this:

Downloading zip file for day 1
Your PIN will expire around Wed Jan 8 09:15:28 GMT 2020
Downloading include zip file
New channel with ID 532 found. Please update chann
el_ids file! at /usr/bin/tv_grab_eu_epgdata line 635.
Select the channels that you want to receive data for.

But what should i do now? What is the meaning of this error? What channel_ids file?

TVHeadend only outputs this:

2019-01-08 10:41:01.005 spawn: Executing "/usr/bin/tv_grab_eu_epgdata"
2019-01-08 10:41:01.360 xmltv: /usr/bin/tv_grab_eu_epgdata: no output detected
2019-01-08 10:41:01.360 xmltv: /usr/bin/tv_grab_eu_epgdata: grab returned no data
2019-01-08 10:41:01.361 spawn: You need to configure the grabber by running it with --configure

Perhaps someone got this working and can help me?