epg guide genre colors problem

Added by william meyerchak 11 months ago


I am using tvh with schedules direct on LibreELEC

When the epg genre has two words like: "Movies / Drama" ; the "/" gets replaced to a ":" and no color is displayed, and shows as "Movies : Drama" no match.

If the genre has one word like: Sports ; all is good and a color is displayed

I have also tried "Movies Drama" no color

Please help

any help would be truly appreciated

cheers and love

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RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by log jam 11 months ago

Not an answer...... just a me too ;)

I've been trying to figure this out for a while, with no luck. I'm using zap2xml, not schedules direct, but am having the same issue. I'm running TVHeadend on a Synology, and have the epg pulling and processing correctly. The only problem is, with the single exception of Sports (which shows up in blue) my epg is all gray. I think it's something which must be run as a post-process action that will modify the xml file to show the correct colors.

Any help with this would be greatly apprectiated!

RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by Em Smith 11 months ago

Which SD grabber are you using? (Since there are several).

For the grabber I use, the catchily named tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite, the genres are separate category tags, all with one single word. Perhaps your grabber is putting "category Movie/Drama"?

If you can both include details for one programme entry from your grabbed xml file then it would be useful.

RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by william meyerchak 11 months ago

HTS Tvheadend 4.2.3-20 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.112

I am using internal: XMLTV: tv_grab_sd4tvh : sd4tv.py generated from a kodi add-on for Schedules Direct

the tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite is not shown on my machine, does it work with Kodi add-on sd4tvh or schedules Direct?

my xmltv info:
<title>P. Allen Smith's Garden Home</title>
<sub-title>Thank You for Sharing</sub-title>
<episode-num system="dd_progid">EP00568333.0214</episode-num>
<episode-num system="xmltv_ns">15.1.</episode-num>
<desc lang="en">Movers and shakers making a difference in their communities.
Season 16 - Episode 2 | Originally Aired: February 11, 2017 | TVG</desc>

 <category>Movie / Drama</category>
 <episode-num system="dd_progid">MV00065852.0000</episode-num>
 <desc lang="en">This zany spoof of gangster movies charts the rise and pratfalls of the Cortino crime family. After growing up poor in Salmonella, Sicily, Vincenzo Cortino (Lloyd Bridges) installs himself as the preeminent, if bumbling, Mafia don of the New World. But now he must pass on power to one of his two sons: either level-headed veteran Anthony (Jay Mohr) or vituperative loose cannon Joey (Billy Burke). The resulting power struggle leads to betrayal, murder and Scorsese references galore.
Released: 1998 | PG-13 | **
See also: Married to the Mob, The Freshman, Analyze This</desc>
 <star-rating system="Gracenote">

Thank you for your response

Cheers and love

RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by edit4ever ! 11 months ago

Your using my schedules direct for tvh addon. :-) Thanks!

Currently, I don't have that set to parse the schedules direct genres and map them to the limited "content types" used in tvh. The content type/genre section in tvh is going to get reworked to the newer standard (with the large list of categories) but it won't happen until version 4.4 - you can see that discussion here: https://tvheadend.org/issues/3753

Since I've been reworking my zap2epg addon - I've been thinking about how to make a temporary system to easily convert the genres to the current tvh system. If I get this worked out, I will make available in the sd4tvh addon as well. In the meantime, you could always use a skin like Titan TV which adds a lot of episode data directly into kodi.

Hopefully I'll have an update in the next week or so. ;-)

RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by william meyerchak 11 months ago

Thank you for your response Edit4ever. I love your add-on!!! thank you so much for the development.

Titian is my favorite skin. Titian or skinhelper must be generating the genre data for me then. I thought it was schedules direct. thanks!

I look forward to your update!!!

I run libreelec 17.5 intel nuc, if you would like me to test.

cheers and love

RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by edit4ever ! 11 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! I did notice that the folks at tvh have executed a pass-through of the category information to clients (like kodi). I have to look into when that commit was put in and see if I can get CvH at LibreELEC to build an updated addon using that info. I'll also have to see if they updated the hts.pvr addon to read in that data or not. It may be an alternative solution until the updated categories are built into tvh.

I'll definitely let you know when I have something.

RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by Em Smith 11 months ago

Aha, I didn't know about that grabber. edit4ever! has quite a few nifty Kodi tools.

Yes, we pass through category and also parse keywords, cast information, image and year too. These are passed to the pvr.hts from a couple of nights ago, but Kodi cannot handle keywords so that is not passed through. On the xmltv grabber's in Tvheadend (dev) there are tickboxes to make the scraping optional since it can take a lot of memory so may not be suitable for very low-spec machines.

To answer William Meyerchak's question, the tv_grab_zz_sdjon_sqlite is part of xmltv-utils on many distributions such as ubuntu. So some people run it on one box and then import it to Tvheadend with tv_grab_file; or they install the grabber manually on their box in which case it will show up automatically in the grabber list.

I don't know how they compare since I've not yet looked at the sd4tv code. But initial inspection of your paste shows that sd4tv amends the description to include additional information such as rating, age, and also adds "see also" information that SD provides. This makes it easier when viewing in Kodi and makes it more-resemble a TV's EPG.

RE: epg guide genre colors problem - Added by Em Smith 11 months ago

@edit4ever !
If you do implement image download, in my tests for my tv programmes the episodeArtwork tag was always missing, so you need to do the separate artwork api call. If you get 5001 then the artwork is queued for generation, but forums suggest it never seems to actually get generated.

Some EPisodes only have what appears to be screengrab artwork with no text to indicate the programme, so for a good poster you have to go to the SHow artwork. However, some programmes have no SHow artwork at all so you then have to fallback to using the poorer artwork from EPisode. That mainly happens on some daytime shows.

My algo is here which seems to work but there are better ways and you may think different types of artwork are better to prefer: