Combine xmltv sources?

Added by john smith almost 10 years ago

Does anyone know if its possible to combine the radiotimes uk xmltv and and the xmltv contained within this file - ?

Radiotimes uk is working fine for me, but would like to have xmltv for jsc sports on hotbird (it has no now or next epg on the channels themselves).

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RE: Combine xmltv sources? - Added by Hein Rigolo almost 10 years ago

there are several programs available that can merge different xmltv files into a single file. Just google for "xmltv merge" to find them. There are versions that will just do a simple merge, or those that apply some logic to enhance the contents of the various program sections. In your case a simple merge should be enough as long as there is no overlap in xmltv ID's for the channels. You could even just merge the 2 files by hand using a simple text editor if you do not need to do anything fancy. And if that is working, create a script that does that merge for you.

After you have a new combined xmltv file you can use the tv_grab_file "grabber" to load this xmltv file into tvheadend.
you can find tv_grab_file here:

Hope that helps you with your problem.

ps. I wrote tv_grab_file

RE: Combine xmltv sources? - Added by john smith almost 10 years ago

thanks for your reply

I'm a novice at the likes of this stuff so hopefully i figure it out. When tvheadend is set to use tv_grab_file, will it automatically pull out the channel names from the xmltv file?

Like for this example, will it pull out AlJazeeraSportPlus5.osn so that I can link it to the channel JSC-Sports

<programme start="20111024194500 +0100" stop="20111025001500 +0100" channel="AlJazeeraSportPlus5.osn">
<title lang="en">English first division league</title>
<desc>الدوري الإنكليزي الدرجة الأولى ( برايتون X وست هام ) - مباشر</desc>

what I want to do is download and get the file out of this .gz ( and rename it so it has a .xml extension. And then download an xmltv file from (, then merge the two and read them into tvheadend.

RE: Combine xmltv sources? - Added by Hein Rigolo almost 10 years ago

a xmltv file contains 2 parts: Channel information and program information.

Tvheadend parse the xmltv file and extracts the xmltvid from the channel part. And then you can assign a xmltvid to tvheadend channel in the configuration tab of tvheadend. Based on that link it will look at the program part of the xmltv file. In that program part there is a link to the channel in the form of the xmltvid of that channel. If that link is found then tvheadend can populate the EPG with the information in the program section.

So if you can merge the 2 files and still produce a valid xmltv file, tvheadend can use it.
(also have a look here: