Ignore EIT, use only XMLTV?

Added by Nathan McAullay over 11 years ago

Hi there, is there a way to use only XMLTV input to fill the EPG? My EIT providers frequently update the start/end times, and currently tvheadend is adding new entries into the EPG for the same show but with slightly different start/end times. I have a stable XMLTV input, and can inject it using the tv_grab_file script. This works fine. However, after a short period of time the EIT data starts coming in, and injecting its own data into the EPG.

Is there a way to completely disable EIT from getting into the EPG?
Is there a way to do this per channel rather than site wide configuration?

Should I raise a feature request?



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RE: Ignore EIT, use only XMLTV? - Added by Hadley Rich almost 11 years ago

Here we have a good XMLTV source and the broadcast data is rubbish.

The broadcast data includes details for now/next but for everything after that the title is just "." which is overwriting the XMLTV EPG data and making it useless.

RE: Ignore EIT, use only XMLTV? - Added by Hadley Rich almost 11 years ago

The code is relatively easy to find your way around, even for someone who doesn't know C. Thanks!

The following hack will let you ignore DVB EIT data and just use XMLTV;

diff --git a/src/dvb/dvb_tables.c b/src/dvb/dvb_tables.c
index f5b34b3..b4d855f 100644
--- a/src/dvb/dvb_tables.c
+++ b/src/dvb/dvb_tables.c
@@ -479,6 +479,7 @@ static int
 dvb_eit_callback(th_dvb_mux_instance_t *tdmi, uint8_t *ptr, int len,
                 uint8_t tableid, void *opaque)
+  return 0;
   service_t *t;
   channel_t *ch;
   th_dvb_adapter_t *tda = tdmi->tdmi_adapter;

RE: Ignore EIT, use only XMLTV? - Added by Hein Rigolo over 10 years ago

I would just like to let everybody know that a sollution for this is available within tvheadend.