cat xmltv file into tvheadend

Added by Gujs - over 10 years ago


I made my own xmltv grabber in python which outputs xml files for each channel separated in xmltv format. I validated these files with tv_validate_file from xmltv tool and it looks OK.
Now I would like to cat these files into tvheadend using tv_grab_file from here
I just changed one line in tv_grab_file to cat all the files and not just one with this:
cat /home/hts/.xmltv/*.xmltv

When I try this in terminal it works OK and I see output of all files, but when I try to load xmltv data into tvheadend, I just get response:
No output from "/usr/bin/tv_grab_file"

I also tried to cat just one file and I got the same response.

I attached one of xmltv files.

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RE: cat xmltv file into tvheadend - Added by Yura Scheglyuk over 10 years ago


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>, <!DOCTYPE ...>, <tv>, </tv>
from all of your separated xmltv files and make header and footer files like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>



The trick is the cat cated files in lexicographical order so header file 000000.xmltv will be cated first and footer file zzzzzzzzzz.xmltv will be cated latest.

RE: cat xmltv file into tvheadend - Added by ROB KR about 2 months ago

Hi did you managed to solve your problem ? I've the Same problem.