Spain Movistar TV (Imagenio) EPG

Added by zed tele over 9 years ago

Hi, i find imagenio xmltv in this page hispaepg,c o m :D

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RE: Spain Movistar TV (Imagenio) EPG - Added by Phill Lavender over 9 years ago

I was trawling through some old file and came across this.

A couple of years ago when I lived in Spain I wrote most (functioned at least) of an XMLTV parser for Imagenio/Movistar which takes XML files that are multicast and extracts them to xmltv format. It was never perfect (configuration, and generally my perl probably have issues) but it met my needs. The URLs are hard coded in the perl script for the Madrid area. (Different multicasts are used for different broadcast regions as far as I could gather at the time). The channel list in Madrid used to multicast on and program details where on ( for today/tomorrow).

I based it on the xmltv parsers tv_grab_es_laguiatv by CandU and tv_grab_es from Ramon Roca so most, if not all, the credit should go to them. ( I just added the multicast and the specific XML parts)

No idea if this still even works !

It was my original intention to give this to xmltv and maintain it for their releases, but I never quite finished it and no longer live in Spain so I can't contribute to it's maintenance. Anyone who wants to take it on can do so. I will help if I can.

Hopefully someone will find a home and use of it.



Update: I just tried to run it and it requires the additional perl modules DateTime::Format::Duration and IO::Socket::Multicast modules installed. i.e. cpanm Module::Name

RE: Spain Movistar TV (Imagenio) EPG - Added by Sergio B about 9 years ago

Another grabber for movistar tv (before imagenio) under active development

RE: Spain Movistar TV (Imagenio) EPG - Added by Dave Chapman almost 8 years ago

It appears that Movistar have changed their EPG to a binary format and movistartv2xmltv isn't working any more.

It appears to be some kind of DVB standard, but I haven't identified exactly what yet. Perhaps some kind of binary XML with compression.

Anyone know any more? This software appears to be able to decode it, but unless I'm missing something obvious, there is no source code available:

RE: Spain Movistar TV (Imagenio) EPG - Added by Josu Lazkano over 6 years ago


Here is some information about the changes:

Hope we could get XMLTV from multicast source.

Kind regards.