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23:15 Tvheadend Bug #4283: Tvheadend Crash
I think I recently had a crash related with that... (4.1-2484~g1fddf32)...


21:56 Tvheadend Feature #4198: (Small?) change to fully support EIT EPG in New Zealand DVB-T
Andy Gardner wrote:
> Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> > Could you try v4.1-2483-g1f3411c ?
> I did a git clone at the...
21:38 Tvheadend Bug #4290 (New): No sound on official streams from some pages
After add (for example)
and play it with VLC I d...


12:32 Tvheadend Bug #4260: Force scan of IPTV crashes UI, but still processes in background
I found that too, but if you scan less channels at a time, around 2-3 (limiting network max channels) it stop crash.


14:39 Tvheadend Revision a1c31f5e (tvheadend): Update ffmpeg


10:44 Tvheadend Bug #4262 (New): Bug when deleting some Columns
If you try to delete SNT column (or Signal Strenght) has a strange bug. In addition, those columns are never deleted....


22:12 Tvheadend Bug #4244: Limit concurrent sat>ip channel per adapter
Here is the log, after opening "TELECINCO HD" it gets stuck.


22:45 Tvheadend Bug #4244: Limit concurrent sat>ip channel per adapter
Nothing is shown in log. When opening the sixth channel, all frequency on the adapter stop working, it is needed to c...
18:52 Tvheadend Bug #4244 (New): Limit concurrent sat>ip channel per adapter
Is there any option to limit the Max number of channels per sat>ip adapter? After 4 or 5 at the same time all the str...


07:17 Tvheadend Bug #4192 (New): Error parsing xml
2017-01-25 07:06:08.182 spawn: Executing "/usr/bin/tv_grab_wg++"
2017-01-25 07:06:08.195 xmltv: /usr/bin/tv_grab_wg+...

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