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21:01 Tvheadend Feature #3360: Support for extended CW API
just to clarify, are the two mentioned oscam-branches required, or would they just allow the automatic "mode f...


23:26 Tvheadend Bug #4423: Streaming TV
Yeah seeing this too, everything that comes via ffmpeg/pipe, the picture gets delayed for ~5 seconds after the audio ...


18:27 Tvheadend Feature #4346: Indicator Enabled/Disabled adapter
the indicators worked here after the initial commit, now they are always green on the sub-adapters (DVB-C and ...


21:04 Tvheadend Feature #4160: CI+ cam status?
Wow, you're a real genius, posting links to "questionable" forums/files was exactly what i was trying to avoid :(. If...
15:12 Tvheadend Feature #4160: CI+ cam status?
saen acro wrote:
> Boxkey of TV or what, that's false???
> CI at all is independent from STB, TV or Head-end.
14:27 Tvheadend Feature #4160: CI+ cam status?
Jelle De Loecker wrote:
> So even if the CI+ cam works in legacy mode, the actual card (in combination with newcs or...


22:50 Tvheadend Feature #4360: Add support for importing services via HTSP
+1 for this, wanted to ask for this for some time ;).
Wuld be usefull on any/all levels (just one channel-with-epg...


18:15 Tvheadend Feature #4349: 'pass' string change - fixes .ts thumbnail generation
Strongly disagree with this one, it is never a good idea to cover up one f***up with another, just ask Sean Spicer ;)...


19:21 Tvheadend Feature #4319: MHEG-5 rendering for off-air messages and similar
MPEG-5 EPG is already on the roadmap for 4.6 https://tvheadend.org/issues/3783, but i don't think it is intended for ...


16:37 Tvheadend Bug #4303: Tvheadend don't switch to the next service when descrambling fail
Very wheird, i've just installed the same version, but accidentally used the clean git version, not the one where i r...

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