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19:53 Tvheadend Bug #3610: Feature Request: Allow TvHeadend to supply EDL or other commercial skip formats to cli...
Hi, sorry for the "slight" delay ;), somehow missed your answer, so i'm mainly answering for the google...
Again, ...


19:28 Tvheadend Feature #4160: CI+ cam status?
>Do all CI+ cards work now? Are there certain limitations? Is there anything special that I need?
Sadly: No, no an...


16:35 Tvheadend Bug #4107: Segfaults
Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> I need a backtrace: https://tvheadend.org/projects/tvheadend/wiki/Debugging
Ubuntu 16.04...


15:15 Tvheadend Feature #2056: Tvheadend: Add support for CI+ Cams
No activety for over a year :(
There has been an unfinished (according to the author) attempt of a CI+ i...


21:23 Tvheadend Feature #4069: TVheadend 4.0.9 / raspberry3 / osmc / PCTV tripleStick (292e) | no tv channels found
Yeah, an easy way would be asking in the forum instead opening a freakin' feature request!


23:09 Tvheadend Bug #4059: Autobuild from git failes on my raspberry pi
There was an update yesterday to the most recent ffmpeg-3.2, i guess it's not synced up on bintray yet, try to compil...


22:36 Tvheadend Bug #4047: Hardware CAM for CAID 098c and oscam for CAID 1830 descrambling did not work
I don't know for what reason, but this was changed a few days ago:
descrambler: DVBCAM (HW CAM) - do not try to us...


17:19 Tvheadend Feature #3982: Android TVHeadend client
Well, just for you ;)


17:07 Tvheadend Feature #3976: Multicast
@ C K
no, not really, he talks about "kodi and Tvh HTSP Client addon", so he thinks he can use tvheadend the way i...
17:05 Tvheadend Feature #3976: Multicast
edit: my answer was to the OP, not to K C, he posted while i was composing ;)

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