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01:47 Tvheadend Bug #4807: Character set is broken
Found the bug - the charset needs to be set before scrapping any info.
The fix is just moving up 2 lines of code.
01:15 Tvheadend Bug #4807: Character set is broken
I just noticed that the bug only applies to EPG.
Service names do get the correct charset.


22:54 Tvheadend Bug #4807 (Fixed): Character set is broken
Commit 010b6ac3ecbd6351e20f799162021761731d6478 is the last commit where character set is not broken.
Building with ...


15:17 Tvheadend Revision de0063b9 (tvheadend): cccam: Add nodeid and version to webui Nodeid is now used on commu...
15:17 Tvheadend Revision 2f41998a (tvheadend): cccam: Generate random nodeId when field is empty Also fix minor c...
15:17 Tvheadend Revision 784705c7 (tvheadend): Add cccam CA client
15:17 Tvheadend Revision 33b47a05 (tvheadend): cccam: Some work on emm messages Also fixed a bug on cccam_send_ms...
15:17 Tvheadend Revision ddf420be (tvheadend): cccam: Fix nodeid byte display order Also change logic for generat...


00:29 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: cccam
For anyone still interested, I've created a cccam CA client for tvh (PR already sent).
For testing pull this branc...
22:16 Tvheadend Feature #2987: CCCAM client
For testing:

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