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14:13 Tvheadend Bug #5083: EPG Data
What do we need to do to get this fixed? Any additional data needed? It's obvious the problem was introduced by these...


17:29 Tvheadend Bug #5083: EPG Data
Same here - will have to revert 223fb7a44ced1e9597ea46fe45b56e9174862f56 and d3fc9696299d438c9396b56bb4939bce0da6c18d...


11:35 Tvheadend Bug #5083: EPG Data
Err, Bloomberg ;)
11:35 Tvheadend Bug #5083: EPG Data
+Bloombert and CNBC which where missing as well.
11:32 Tvheadend Bug #5083: EPG Data
OK, reverted both 223fb7a44ced1e9597ea46fe45b56e9174862f56 and d3fc9696299d438c9396b56bb4939bce0da6c18d and ProSieben...


00:19 Tvheadend Bug #5083: EPG Data
This has become really annoying - any reversal of the erraneous fixes in sight?


11:42 Tvheadend Bug #5037: Recordings log <N/A> for adapter, network, mux, provider and service
Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> Applied in changeset commit:tvheadend|3ea69fe37a4521ccd617f2e8d094cba7fb5365a6.
Thank yo...
09:37 Tvheadend Bug #5037 (Fixed): Recordings log <N/A> for adapter, network, mux, provider and service
Upgrading from 4.3-1173~g6311cf7 to 4.3-1206~g5de70b4 I noticed these changes in the log when recordings start (file ...


11:33 Tvheadend Feature #4690: Parental control based on users and age of the programs
+1 if you're having children. You want parental control by program, not by channel. Easiest from a user perspective w...


16:49 Tvheadend Bug #3735: Hours in file name
Please don't, this won't work well on Samba shares, as Windows machines can't use ":" in file names.

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