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07:51 Tvheadend Feature #4297: Statistics for users
Change start-up script to use debug logging to file witch later can be analysed.


21:50 Tvheadend General: RE: Makefile.ffmpeg:360: recipe for target ERROR
Cross compilation request specific patches
try to compile directly on device
21:48 Tvheadend General: RE: Limit the number of subscriptions to a tuner
Make user with 2 sessions maximum.
15:36 Tvheadend Feature #4296: Users can watching but no recording
15:35 Tvheadend Feature #4297: Statistics for users
Solution with external logging is possible


10:47 Tvheadend Bug #4295: No new builds bintray
Bintray not working, make it yourself, its same.
It take 10 min. to compile /if ffmpeg compilation needed take more...


00:08 Tvheadend Bug #4295: No new builds bintray
This will help you to forget Bintray


14:31 Tvheadend Bug #4291: Show channel number in autorec
I have tv channel and radio channels with same names. ...


22:22 Tvheadend Bug #3610: Feature Request: Allow TvHeadend to supply EDL or other commercial skip formats to cli...
Isn't more ease to set recording on pause when channel logo disappear during commercials?
With timeshift for live st...


20:43 Tvheadend Bug #4285: Cross-compilation failures on PowerPC platforms
This is how things happens with embedded devices
source code is cutter for small foot print

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