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16:25 Tvheadend Bug #4863 (Fixed): Build failure in 4.3-964
Applied in changeset commit:tvheadend|9e6b06340c0a72c002cf7b301c2304a4276c4491.
16:23 Tvheadend Bug #4866: Scanned mux detects service, but doesn't add to Services page
Please, attach full log when the problematic mux is being scanned:
1) wait for the idle state (no subscription act...
16:19 Tvheadend Bug #4841: Crash on EPG scan init
Don't use '-f' (fork) and wait for the crash.
15:25 Tvheadend Bug #4841: Crash on EPG scan init
Try valgrind, I don't see the bug from those crash lines.
13:04 Tvheadend Revision 9e6b0634 (tvheadend): md_to_c.py: use utf8open() for batch output, fixes #4863
12:41 Tvheadend Revision a22a2621 (tvheadend): service / channel: remove all subscriptions when disabled
12:05 Tvheadend Revision 0c50bed0 (tvheadend): mpegts input: rearrange locking in stopping_mux
12:04 Tvheadend Revision 76b7f398 (tvheadend): iptv http: some cleanups
10:47 Tvheadend Revision 4f23cda0 (tvheadend): httpc: add 1 to tally atomically
10:21 Tvheadend Feature #4829 (Fixed): Add auto detect for DDCI in configure script

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