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18:08 Tvheadend Bug #4529: ATSC_C and DVB_C malfunction
It seems like a driver issue. Look for 'linuxdvb: Availink avl6862 #0 : DVB-C #0 - status' lines. When things does no...
17:22 Tvheadend Bug #4618: SAT>IP: Crash two client request the same autocreated MUX in a remote SAT>IP server


20:30 Tvheadend Bug #4614: %p in post recording command partly broken
This bug already exists (no time to check which now), but appearently the problem is that the connected EPG event is ...
14:16 Tvheadend Bug #4611: SAT>IP: Same program uses different tuner
It depends. You probably allow to create muxes dynamically from clients, so there's might be something wrong in the l...


17:00 Tvheadend Feature #3096: Upgrade WebUI framework (ExtJS 6 ?, Angular ?)
But we can probably look also for fully open-source javascript frameworks. Altho...
13:06 Tvheadend Feature #4001 (Fixed): MPEG-TS Spawn streaming profile (was: Custom 'pipe' muxer)
Yes, that's right. The 'MPEG-TS Spawn' profile can handle this. The MPEG-TS stream can be passed through the pipe to ...
09:53 Tvheadend Bug #4603: "Move to finished" button in "Failed recordings" tab is not working
oops. v4.2.3-85-gda9f14c79
09:52 Tvheadend Revision da9f14c7 (tvheadend): DVR: Add forced flag to allow to move 'data errors' to the finishe...
09:52 Tvheadend Revision 26652808 (tvheadend): Revert "DVR: handle SM_CODE_USER_REQUEST as a successful case, fix...
This reverts commit 519a783747e8075714b4c95a7e216edb53f2e77b.
09:51 Tvheadend Revision 0d1cd06f (tvheadend): DVR: Add forced flag to allow to move 'data errors' to the finishe...

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