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20:31 Tvheadend Bug #4942: Tvheadend no output of channels sometimes
New traces...
20:31 Tvheadend Bug #4926: Previous change has broken the use of accurate recording / EPG running state for multi...
20:29 Tvheadend Bug #4951 (Fixed): "Record series" button no longer available after upgrade to v3 EPG
Applied in changeset commit:tvheadend|5b9e2005976325b798b7e8a279b7923184b03a77.
20:29 Tvheadend Bug #4949 (Fixed): src/tvhpoll.c unused variable error when running make
Applied in changeset commit:tvheadend|4e7b1975c7e08d0309f953caec7a35cb22f46991.
20:29 Tvheadend Revision 5b9e2005 (tvheadend): webui: fix 'Record series', fixes #4951
18:48 Tvheadend Revision 4e7b1975 (tvheadend): tvhpoll: kqueue compilation fix, fixes #4949
12:02 Tvheadend Feature #1938: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
> What about merge code from other projects?
Developers are wanted!
12:00 Tvheadend Bug #4941 (Invalid): kdps
11:55 Tvheadend Bug #4948 (Fixed): src/tvhpoll.c errors on running make
Applied in changeset commit:tvheadend|567fb8b86f72eca90e37645ecebc253f7dd9bc94.
11:55 Tvheadend Revision 567fb8b8 (tvheadend): tvhpoll: kqueue compilation fix, fixes #4948

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