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09:05 Tvheadend Revision 84d37e9d (tvheadend): Fixed compilation with disabled DD CI support
Signed-off-by: Jasmin Jessich <[email protected]>
09:05 Tvheadend Revision 3941379e (tvheadend): Remove mpegts_input_open_service_pid
- When dvbcam_service_start is executed the first time c->pid is 0.
dvbcam_service_start is not executed a second t...
09:05 Tvheadend Revision f5fe4bdf (tvheadend): Added ECM PIDs subscribing
- dvbcam_service_start can be now executed repeatedly. This happens due to
PMT changes (e.g.: CA descriptor change)...


08:27 Tvheadend Revision 132af3fb (tvheadend): Added DD CI support into new file
- New file linuxdvb_ddci.c
- DD CI related data are stored in a separate structure (struct
- struct...
08:27 Tvheadend Revision 9d1f7dbf (tvheadend): Make DD CI functional
- Extend dvbcam_ca_lookup to support DD CI.
- Allow currently only one DD CI per service.
- Attach a new descrambler ...
08:27 Tvheadend Revision 28fd923a (tvheadend): Added DDCI detection and creation
- Check if a device ciX or secX exists.
- Create also the DD CI structure, if one of the ci pathes have been found.


00:28 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: Support Digital Devices CI Interfaces
Mark Clarkstone wrote:
> Don't worry about that - open a PR anyway so people can discuss your changes on github :).


19:46 Tvheadend Feature #4477: Hardware CI Digital Devices DDCI2
Please have a look to https://tvheadend.org/boards/13/topics/29639
19:42 Tvheadend Descrambling: Support Digital Devices CI Interfaces
Hello TVH and DD CI users!
I have implemented the support for the Digital Devices CI interfaces (see also https://...


16:32 Tvheadend Revision dae93224 (tvheadend): Fixed crash on CAM remove
When TVH is terminated with <cntrl-c> and there is a CAM opened,
dvbcam_unregister_cam is executed prior to dvbcam_se...

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