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21:45 Tvheadend Revision 7c3919b8 (tvheadend): xmltv: Only log "new episode" if episode has been created. (#4803).
The "save" flag is always set so we now also check the changes flag to
see if the entry was actually created.
21:44 Tvheadend Revision e20c0f78 (tvheadend): ui: Rename "Category Type" to "Category Icons" (#4594).
We had two columns called "Content Type", so rename the one with icons
to be called "Category Icons".
Issue: #4594.


15:11 Tvheadend Bug #4803 (Fixed): xmltv import "new" and "mod" should not always be equal
After an xmltv import, the stats always show "new" and "mod" to be equal. We should use the "created" flag to indicat...
14:20 Tvheadend Feature #4509: EPG content from "Subtitle" to "Content type"
If the patch works for you, then I'll submit a Pull Request. If approved, the configuration will be in github. Then y...
09:41 Tvheadend Revision d5416ab9 (tvheadend): xmltv: Optionally disable mapping category to genre. (#3753).
Allow user to disable mapping from xmltv to genre. The mapping
is imprecise and often has numerous categories not map...
09:41 Tvheadend Revision 67187b49 (tvheadend): xmltv: Use epggrab_module_int_t instead of ext_t. (#3753).
The epggrab_module_ext_t derives from the epggrab_module_int_t
so we should really use the epggrab_module_int_t to ma...


17:30 Tvheadend Feature #4509: EPG content from "Subtitle" to "Content type"
The git reset command will delete all the changes from the patch including all changes you make to Bulsatcom_39E so t...
17:16 Tvheadend Feature #4509: EPG content from "Subtitle" to "Content type"
Ah, actually you should use:...
17:10 Tvheadend Feature #4509: EPG content from "Subtitle" to "Content type"
The patch is against master:
Thu Dec 14 21:28:22 2017 +0100


20:27 Tvheadend Feature #4509: EPG content from "Subtitle" to "Content type"
Perhaps csv is easier for generating the json? I've attached a quick script which uses exclamation mark ("!") as a se...

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