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"always on" timeshift

Added by Luis Alves 8 days ago. Updated 7 days ago.

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Many times I would like to be able to rewind to the beginning of a programe to watch from start without worrying to set a DVR entry.
This functionality exists in all of the Portuguese official tv service providers (not sure on other countries) and at least I know that xtreamcodes (stalker) can also do this.

This could be implemented as a list of channels that would be automatically recorded for timeshift purposes and for each channel we should be able to select:
- how many minutes/hours/days we would like to have available on the timeshift buffer
- how many programes we would like to have on the timeshift buffer

At the moment, what I've been doing is to set an automatic recording with no title (to record everyting), filter the channels by tag and set the "retention period" to 1 day but that's not practical...
Also, there are some channels where I set the retention to 7 days, but other I would like to set to just 1 programe (which is not possible at the moment - minimum is 1 day)

Ideally, with this implementation, we should be able to go to the EPG of that channel and select the programe (that is being timeshifted) we would like to watch without the pain to search on the recordings but I believe this is more frontend specific stuff that backend.

Alternatively, add to the DVR options the retention period of "X hours" instead of a combobox with predefined options and if possible the ability to retain by nr of programes instead elapsed time.


#1 Updated by saen acro 8 days ago

TVHeadend itself is ondemand beckend and midware.
Timeshift is available option, but with limitation it need client on frequency,
aka tuner for frequency witch need static configuration or tuner per frequency (mux/transponder).

For all Astra 19.2E services you need 120 tuners ;) + enough storage space.

Sort of solution is to implement HLS + API index of events
but this is complicated and there will be developer challenge.

#2 Updated by Luis Alves 8 days ago

I know how the current timeshift implementation works.
Of course nobody would want to have that kind of timeshift for every channel/mux available but only for a selected group of channels...
In my case, I have 14 tuners with 6 channels always recording with a retention period of 7 days and still lots of tuners left (some share same mux).

By the way, how can HLS be a solution?

#3 Updated by Andreas Fornberg 7 days ago

Would be nice with some sorts of index in timeshift so you can select an earlier program in the EPG if it's available in timeshift. Something similar it does with recordings.

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