Bug #4170

Resuming recording overwrites file (when interrupted by higher priority)

Added by Peter W. over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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I just had this yesterday: I set a recording with prority normal lets say from 8-11 3 hours. right in between there is a show for 1 hour 9-10 with a higher prority. (I have the output file format set to MKV)
Tvheadend worked as I would assume and stopped the first recording at 9, recorded the other show till 10 and then started recording the former show again. GREAT!
BUT: As tvheadend recorded the second part of the normal priority show it overwrote the file with the first hour since it has the same filename. Also, there is only one entry in the recordings list where I would assume two entries.

Two possibilities:
1. Append the second part to the same file (I dont know if thats technically possible) Also there has to be some sort of information in the recordig that there is an hour missing due to a higher priority recording taking place.

2. Just create the second part in a new file named ...-part2.mkv and add a seconds entry in the recordings list. Maybe the most straight forward solution as its actually really two parts because there is an hour missing in between. Also: No hassle explaining to the watching user why there is an hour missing when the recording has only a single file.


#1 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 1 year ago

I doubt that the file was overwritten. Check the directory - you will see multiple files there for your show. Note that only the last file is visible through webui / kodi at the moment. In DVR, you may enable 'Clone scheduled entry on error' which will create a new DVR entry in this situation.

#2 Updated by Peter W. about 1 year ago


thanks for your answer! The file is in fact present in the directory. It would be nice if it was visible in the interface too as its two different files. The setting 'Clone scheduled entry on error' was enabled but didn't do anything - depending on the help text I would guess its trying to record the whole show/episode again on error if its in the EPG at a later time. (The recording I mentioned has in fact 2 Errors showing up in the list but nothing further was recorded because there was no rerun)

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