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Languages as Tag for channels

Added by saen acro over 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Category:Service Mapping
Target version:4.4


Add available language as tag for channels as extra option in channel tags

tvheadend-language-tags.patch Magnifier (2.79 KB) Paolo Roascio, 2015-07-11 14:04


Feature #298: Channel tagsRejectedAndreas Ă–man


#1 Updated by Meindert Oldenburger over 3 years ago

Custom tags can be created easly in the configuration.

#2 Updated by saen acro over 3 years ago

Meindert Oldenburger wrote:

Custom tags can be created easly in the configuration.

if you have 5 channels ok, but in my situation more then 9000 in more then 12 satellites

#4 Updated by Mark Clarkstone about 3 years ago

Just to note this is a duplicate of #298

#5 Updated by saen acro about 3 years ago

Mark Clarkstone wrote:

Just to note this is a duplicate of #298

one more reason to enter in daily schedule ;)

#6 Updated by saen acro over 2 years ago

Any chance to be added auto tagging when mapping with available languages?

#7 Updated by Paolo Roascio over 2 years ago

This is my best, feel free to use this patch. I think it is not the best way, but a base to work on.
Sincerely i don't think that I will present a pull request for this for these reasons:

- often channels have multiple languages then, in clients with poor grouping abilities (kodi?) there are lot of language groups with the same channels (from a big list as yours you can get dozens of groups only a little smaller) and i feel this a confusing way to group them.

- lots of channels (eg. encrypted in my setup) don't have the lang attribute set, so you can miss them in groups.

- coding may be really wrong as i'm not a programmer.

May be this a discussion base for skilled programmers like Jaroslav or Adam?

#8 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 2 years ago

  • Target version set to 4.4

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