Feature #159

Irdeto EMM updates

Added by Lars Op den Kamp - over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Assignee:Lars Op den Kamp -% Done:


Target version:2.11


I'm currently looking into implementing EMM updates for Irdeto cards (via the cwc) so I won't have to put my card in a "real decoder" once every week.

I'll keep you updated on this and I hope to have a patch ready by the end of this week or perhaps somewhere next week.

detect_card.patch Magnifier - Card detection (5.39 KB) Lars Op den Kamp -, 2010-03-10 14:22

tvheadend-irdeto-emm.patch Magnifier - irdeto emm handling (4.51 KB) Lars Op den Kamp -, 2010-03-20 12:39

tvheadend-irdeto-seca-emm.patch Magnifier - Same patch with seca support and aligned coding conventions (5.37 KB) sbi -, 2010-03-21 11:56


#1 Updated by Lars Op den Kamp - over 8 years ago

First things first, a little patch that detects the card type.
Card bytes are taken from sasc-ng and assumed to be correct.

#2 Updated by Andreas Öman over 8 years ago

Thanks for looking into this! Looks OK, a few things though.

Please follow style and place opening brackets { on same line as if()-statements etc,

Also, keep indent level

Things like:

- cwc_t *cwc;
+ cwc_t *cwc;

- lock_assert(&global_lock);
+ lock_assert(&global_lock);

is not ok.

#3 Updated by Lars Op den Kamp - over 8 years ago

Yeah I know, I got other coding standards set up in Eclipse at the moment for my own work. I will change things to your coding style in the final patch of course. That patch will also contain proper copyright notices (e.g. the things I used from sasc-ng).

I didn't have much time this week but I got the global updates working correctly now. Looking into the shared & unique updates now.

The patch should be done somewhere this week end or next week.

#4 Updated by Lars Op den Kamp - over 8 years ago

I got the code done but I'm still seeing some failed EMMs. Looks like the payload is split in two EMM packets but I'm not sure yet.

Before I post a patch I want to be sure everything's right.

#5 Updated by Lars Op den Kamp - over 8 years ago

  • Found in version set to fixed

Right, I was looking for way too complex solutions for this :-)

I'm sometimes seeing failed updates in the newcs log but I'm seeing the same behaviour on pages like http://www.austech.info/dreambox/2165-mgcamd-1-28-newcs-whitey.html so this might be an issue with newcs or with the version of newcs that I'm using.

#6 Updated by Lars Op den Kamp - over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Fixed to Need feedback
  • Found in version deleted (fixed)

reopened this because you might not notice this closed ticket. since I don't have svn write access, could you add this one please andoma :)

#7 Updated by Andreas Öman about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Need feedback to Fixed
  • Found in version set to fixed

Thanks a lot.


#8 Updated by Hein Rigolo about 8 years ago


I think it beter to create a seperate ticket for your seca patch. The Irdeto patch is already in the SVN (rev 4359) so if you can recreate your patch using the latest svn it should be easier for andoma to merge it.


#9 Updated by Hein Rigolo about 8 years ago

SECA emm patch added to trunk also (see ticket #139)

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