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4187TvheadendBugNewNormalJavaScript issue with TVheadend returning innerHTML write error.2017-01-17 22:31
4186TvheadendFeatureNewNormalTvheadend log expose data to non-admin users2017-01-16 23:04
4184TvheadendBugNewNormal[WARNING]:satips: RTCP send to error : Connection refused2017-01-16 19:39
4183TvheadendBugNewNormalContinuity errors during recording2017-01-16 18:40
4182TvheadendFeatureNewNormalAdd "duplicate handling" - feature in DVR-Profiles2017-01-16 12:41
4181TvheadendBugNewNormalProblem with Recording 2 differnt tv shows on the same channel which are recorded in series2017-01-15 16:55
4180TvheadendBugNewNormalApt Repository on Bintray not longer working2017-01-15 16:41
4179TvheadendBugNewNormalIPTV script with ffmpeg encode fails when & inside -i2017-01-14 17:12
4178TvheadendFeatureNewNormalAutoBouquet Channel List Maker for TVH2017-01-14 08:53
4177TvheadendBugNewNormalMemory leak when recording2017-01-15 10:22
4176TvheadendBugNewNormalTVH Loses Sat>IP configuration after reboot2017-01-17 21:47
4175TvheadendBugNewNormalIPTV network script causes ffmpeg HTTP error 403 Forbidden2017-01-12 01:42
4173TvheadendBugNewNormalTbs 6909 adapter failed to scan channels2017-01-11 16:12
4172TvheadendBugNewNormalTVHeadend 4.1.2309 fails scanning IPTV automatic network muxes2017-01-12 01:09
4171TvheadendBugNewNormalCrash in epggrab2017-01-10 11:04
4170TvheadendBugNewNormalResuming recording overwrites file (when interrupted by higher priority)2017-01-09 12:39
4169TvheadendBugNewNormalHW CAM fails to get channel2017-01-09 00:58
4168TvheadendBugNewNormalTvheadend crashes sometimes2017-01-09 18:02
4167TvheadendBugNewNormalHang after resume2017-01-07 15:38
4166TvheadendBugAcceptedNormaltimeshift not working for some channels2017-01-13 18:26
4165TvheadendBugNewNormalNo http authentication possible in VLC2017-01-06 15:09
4164TvheadendFeatureNewNormalAdd Blindscan Feature.2017-01-07 21:34
4163TvheadendFeatureNewNormalDefault Recording Profile for Channel2017-01-05 14:52
4162TvheadendBugNewNormalContinuity errors IPTV2017-01-12 13:55
4161TvheadendBugNewNormalEPG xmltv data update not handled correctly2017-01-06 19:40

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