Setting up TVHeadend

Added by Joacim J 5 days ago


I have used TVHeadend for some while and really like it.
Now I have a fresh installation of Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (earlier 16.04 LTS).
Trying to setup it but doesn't succeed - maybe I used 3.x earlier.

Using DVB-T and Boxer in Sweden.
The DVB-T cards are enabled at DVB Inputs -> TV Adapters - I am using a pair of TBS5880 and only DVB-T is enabled.
Created a network for Boxer - no predefined Muxes.

Cannot find any channels - where can I select the wanted DVB-T provider antenna? (I will remember I could select that in previous install)

/ Joacim

EDIT: "Pre-defined muxes" is empty

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RE: Setting up TVHeadend - Added by Mark Clarkstone 4 days ago

You'll have to add a mux manually, you'll need to search online for frequencies.

RE: Setting up TVHeadend - Added by Joacim J 3 days ago

Switched back to Ubuntu Server 16.04 and installed TVHeadend with Bintray repo instead of the unoffical for Bionic - now the predefined Muxes appears