Tvheadend packages for Synology NAS

Added by Martin Walter 9 months ago

For those interested in native (non-docker) Tvheadend packages for their Synology NAS systems, you will find recent release packages (currently 4.2.6) published here:

Test packages for future releases might be advertised and tested here again, but for the time being, please report any Synology package-specific issues with the Synocommunity, i.e. here:

Some important remarks for test packages (currently not applicable):
  • All packages provided here are beta packages. Use at your own risk.
  • Always back up your Tvheadend configuration before you upgrade!
  • You cannot upgrade from a Tvheadend-Testing to a Tvheadend release package or vice versa. These packages have separate configurations. NEVER run a testing and a release package in parallel.
  • The upgrade process may take several minutes as recordings might have to be moved. Please be patient if the upgraded package does not start right away.
  • The release packages are very recent and up-to-date. I highly recommend staying away from testing packages at the moment, unless you cannot run the release packages for whatever reason and you know what you are doing.
  • If you are already running a package, which you have downloaded from here, upgrading should be safe (backup anyway!)
  • Otherwise, I recommend clean installations, especially if you have already installed packages from different sources and you have had trouble with user permissions in the past. There is some likelihood they are messed up. Also:
    - If you are currently running a Tvheadend-Testing package and you want to install a release package, you will have to start configuring it from scratch anyways.
    - If you are running an old release package on DSM5.2 and you want to upgrade your DSM and Tvheadend, upgrade your DSM first, only then upgrade TVH with a new release package. However, depending on how old your old release package is, you might still run into hicups. If that happens, you are most likely better off starting a clean configuration from scratch, too.

Updates / Edits:
- 08.05.2018: TVH 4.2.6 packages have been published on the Synocommunity repository. Link added.
- 14.04.2018: Update to TVH 4.2.6 (latest maintenance release) and fixes for installations on non-standard volumes
- 24.03.2018: Update fixing recordings being stored in the wrong place
- 26.01.2018: Added upgrading instructions
- 16.01.2018: Update to TVH 4.2.5 (latest maintenance release)
- 21.10.2017: Update to TVH 4.2.4 (latest maintenance release)

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RE: Tvheadend packages for Synology NAS - Added by Mark Clarkstone 6 days ago

Steven Moschidis wrote:

So are you saying that I have to manually add all the muxes (as the predefined lists are fubar)?

No, not fubar just old. You only need to add ONE mux for DVB-T as long as you have network discovery active it should find all the others. The only exception to that is DVB-T2 those muxes aren't in the NIT.

I thought the "Force scan" option in the network tab was supposed to make tvheadend discover all available muxes direct from the tuner. Is that not the case? If not, then why not? What is it supposed to do?

"Force scan" makes tvh scan through all known muxes, if a scanned mux has NIT and that contains new mux info tvh will add it.

I have a friend who set up tvheadend on a pi (or nuc) using the same hdhomerun as I have. He fired up tvheadend, added the network, linked it to the tuners, hit the force-scan button and the muxes appeared.

Depends on the version, 3.4 used to scan through all frequencies but that was removed, I'm not 100% sure as to why but I think it was because it took an age to complete.

RE: Tvheadend packages for Synology NAS - Added by Steven Moschidis 6 days ago

Thank you Mark, that's beginning to make more sense now!

Ok so I will manually add one mux and see what happens.

Thank you for taking the time to explain.

RE: Tvheadend packages for Synology NAS - Added by Chris Beasley 5 days ago

Just had to completely reinstall DSM and now I can't get the latest TVheadend install, synocommunity is only offering 3.4.27-6... Is there any way to manually install the SPK file to get me to the latest?

RE: Tvheadend packages for Synology NAS - Added by Steven Moschidis 5 days ago

@Chris, it's because they're released as beta. If you enable beta packages in the package manager, you will see the latest version

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