Recordings not accessible

Added by Nico Arl 12 months ago

I just started using Tvheadend and I'm really impressed so far. Anything ist working nicely except accessing recordings. The recordings are shown but I can't play them via WebGUI, TVH nor VLC-HTSP.

The recordings are there and are playable via NFS.

If i try to download the recordings via webgui I get an "Error 500" showing up as

2016-12-25 09:23:50.669 [ DEBUG] mpegts: 10743.75H in DVB-S Netzwerk - add raw service
2016-12-25 09:24:00.693 [ DEBUG] http: HTTP/1.1 POST /comet/poll -- 401
2016-12-25 09:24:24.546 [ ERROR] http: HTTP/1.1 GET /dvrfile/5fc24aeb84bdb29e9d0846f466ba612e -- 500

in the log. Is there any way to track down the problem? The log message does not point me to the right direction...

I'm using tvheadend: version 4.1-2398~gc38af4c inside a docker-container.

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RE: Recordings not accessible - Added by Frank Häfemeier 4 months ago

I started using TVHeadend in a docker container since a few weeks and have the same issue. Before I used a installation directly on the server and everything was working as expected. It seems it is a issue in combination with docker, but I have no idea what it is nor how it can done to find out more.I enabled DEBUG but I don't see more as the error message.
Which docker image do you use? I installed ''

RE: Recordings not accessible - Added by Nico Arl 4 months ago

I use the same image and was not able to solve the problem. I lived with it because i could access the recordings via NFS and had no time to dive into it. :)

RE: Recordings not accessible - Added by Frank Häfemeier 4 months ago

I can't live with it, because I would like to access the recordings from my ipad for example...
I tried today the latest build of release/4.2 branch: version 4.2.3-20~g407c8a370 build by the docker image provider '' (August-11-2017-22:52:52-UTC). I hope it fix another issue (#4060) and is under testing.
But in reference to accessing the recordings from web gui it is crashing. Kernel log extract:

traps: tvh:tcp-start[22626] general protection ip:5644c802a819 sp:7f62b785fdc0 error:0 in tvheadend[5644c7eb4000+389000]