color artefacts on dvb-c channels, where to start troubleshooting?

Added by anderstvheadend olsen 3 months ago

examples of the issue is seen here

Using an beelink GT1 (amlogic s912) running a recent(maybe not latest) version of libreelec.
xbox one dvb-c/t/s dongle plugged into the beelink GT1.
the tvheadend server and frontend are both installed on the same device.
I have a fiber modem/gateway (Icotera i6800) outputting the unencrypted dvb-c signal, between the modem and dvb-c dongle is about 10 meters of RG6 cable.

The issue usually comes after a couple of minutes after changing to the channel and stays until I switch channels again.
Have only seen the issue on a few of the channels.
have not seen the issue when using the built in tuner in my TV.

hopefully someone can help me troubleshoot this issue.

edit: in case it is not obvious in the pictures, the artefacts are the colored bars that seem to be misplaced to the right of the object they belong to..