Oscam problems after TVH update

Added by Chris Koster 4 months ago

Hi Guys,

I've been using the combination TVH < > Oscam for years now but as of today, after a TVH update to Build: 4.3-1149~g0aae3c0 (2018-03-07T09:23:58+0000), i'm having trouble to keep the connection with Oscam stable.

When I disable the oscam connection and the enable I get a connection and descrambling is working. As soon as I switch to another channel descrambling stops working until I disable/enable the oscam connection. Please see screenshots below for configuration.

I did update oscam to the latest SVN (HEAD) version but the problems stay. I must say I think the problem is in TVH because when descrambling stops nog log entries are seen in Oscam and the connection with TVH is not there anymore.

Did something change in Oscam implementation lately and how do I fix it?

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RE: Oscam problems after TVH update - Added by Chris Koster 3 months ago

Ok, downgraded TVH to tvheadend_4.3-1113~g780c603 and got it working again. But I think it's something on my end because on this version I have the same problems. Albeit i'm using the old oscam connection (see screenshot) which isn't available anymore in 4.3-1149~g0aae3c0. So i'll first try and fix connect to oscam with newer version/protocol and then update.