changing no information epg entry to a custom added name.

Added by william meyerchak 10 months ago

running tvheaded 4.2.3-20 LibreELEC Tvh-addon v8.2.112

all works great and I love the software. thanks for all your work!!!

I added some iptv channels and would like to add custom names for the epg i.e. news, sports, greek, to replace no information.

I have used schedules direct, webgrab plus and others for epg data. All worked great in tvheadend!!!

I dont wont to have the actual realtime data, I just want a constant name to be displaced for the epg. it worked in webgrab plus.

when you set up the iptv channels in tvh can you add an option to create a constant epg data name or entry to replace no information.

or can you help me through adding the changes to the .xmltv file in LibreElec.

thank you