EPG for NA OTA/zap2it

Added by Edward Crosby about 1 year ago

So, I am running into an issue where parts of getting EPG to work is flaky when trying to pull from zap2it. I've been using this guide:


Here are the issues I am running into:

1. When putting the tv_grab_file in /usr/bin (confirming it is executable and root has ownership), it doesn't appear instantly when I go into Configuration>Channel/EPG>EPG Grabber Modules in the TVHeadend console. This is even after server reboots.
2. Because issue 1 is inconsistent, when I finally get it to appear and it does pull down the EPG, the schedule only appears for a few days and then nothing is seen in the EPG tab.

The tv_grab_file seems to be from an old project. It hasn't been updated in 2 yrs. Could this be a problem?
Is there a better, more consistent method for pulling EPG from zap2it for North America OTA?

By the way, I made some changes to the steps in the wiki guide I referenced above.
In step 4 I ran this command instead since it originally cried:

./zap2xml.pl -u myzap2itusername -p myzap2itpassword -D -S 3

Also, in the tv_grab_file I changed this entry to point to my .xml file:

if (( $# < 1 ))
#  cat ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_file.xmltv
  cat /home/ed/xmltv/xmltv.xml
  exit 0

Any thoughts, tips, and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by jim dods 25 days ago

Ok, I am not running this through Kodi (although i have tried it thru Kodi, and I AM able to pull all the channels in). I am running it standalone on a RasPi, creating a xmltv file, and then use a grabber file for TVheadend. So i dont have those files.

RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by edit4ever ! 25 days ago

In that case - can you share your settings.xml file? Or did that not get created in the way you installed?

If not - then we'll need to create one to tell the system how to access TVH channels list.

RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by jim dods 25 days ago

That is have, and have added the channel list here..

settings.xml Magnifier (1.95 KB)

RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by edit4ever ! 25 days ago

OK - you didn't use Kodi to setup the settings.xml file - the device setting is wrong (as it is based on the lineup being OTA, cable, satellite, digital cable, etc)

In the settings.xml file change the device to "L" for digital rebuild or "X" for digital cable and see if one of those picks up the rest of the stations.

By leaving the device setting as the default "-" you're only getting the analog equivalent channels (less than 100)

Let me know how it goes!

RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by jim dods 25 days ago

Thank you sir. It looks like putting X on there works!

RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by edit4ever ! 25 days ago

Glad you got it working - I probably should have pointed out those instructions on the wiki page:


RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by Brad Lewis 19 days ago

For the guide to work does it need to be run as something other than root? I installed tvheadend on a debian lxc without another user installed but keep getting errors in running the script. When trying to run the manual procedure I get errors related to symlink access denied since the xmltv resides in the root home folder.


RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by edit4ever ! 18 days ago

@Brad Lewis - two questions...

First, are you at least able to generate the xmltv.xml file? (seems like the answer to this is yes - and it will be created in the same folder that the zap2epg is run from.

Second - if you are doing this manually (not using the kodi addon) then you may want to use the TVheadend internal xmltv grabber instead of the zap2epg grabber. Just set it up to point to the xmltv.xml file and set up your own cron on the system to run the zap2epg.py script each day to update the xmltv.xml file.

RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by Brad Lewis 18 days ago

I am able to generate the xmltv.xml file. I dont know that I have the zap2epg grabber installed? I got as far in the process as softlink the xmltv folder but the user hts does not have access to the root home folder so the only grabbers that show up are xml_northamerica and the like aside from the one I had installed as part of this process. Which internal xml grabber would I want to use and where is the xmltv file normally stored? Or is this something that I should just create and run from a service account in the container?

xml grabber.jpg (28.7 KB)

RE: EPG for NA OTA/zap2it - Added by edit4ever ! 18 days ago

The built in xmltv grabber for tvheadend can point any folder you want...in this case, you have it pointing to ~/.xmltv/xmltv.xml

Usually it's just easy to set that up through the kodi interface - but I get the feeling that you don't have kodi setup on this debian install? Otherwise you would have likely just installed my whole addon.

My experience on systems other than LibreELEC is limited - so someone else may have to chime in here...but if you install the zap2epg addon in that same folder - ~/.xmltv/ - zap2epg should be able to generate the xmltv.xml file there and then tvh will read it.

A little more information on what you are trying to setup may help. Is this being setup as just a backend system that will be accessed from other frontend systems? Is it a standalone setup - RPi or other? Do you plan to use Kodi as your interface for playback?

If I get an idea of what you're trying to configure, I can probably provide a clearer set of setup steps.

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