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Added by fog NL about 1 year ago

I just recently set up a tvheadend 4.1-2405 ubuntu server, and I'm having a small problem with one thing. I have set up a bunch of IPTV sources which are all fine, epg is accureate, etc. However, for my OTA ATSC tv channel, the EPG seems to be a half hour early.

I live in a weird timezone. Right now, during daylight savings time, I am in -0230 (-2.5). My server is set to this timezone, and the date is accurate. I have a script that uses zap2xml to download the xmltv file for this particular channel. If I open this file manually and look at it, the times are correct. But, when tvheadend displays the output in the EPG, it shows a half hour earlier.

Example: Today, "Jeopardy!" shows in the xmltv file (and the official site for the channel) that it airs from 201703172000 to 201703172030 (March 17th 8pm to 8:30pm), however, in tvheadend, it's display as March 17th from 19:30 to 20:00. What would cause this skew? The tvheadend server and xmltv script are on the same system with the same timezone setting. Is there an additional timezone setting that I'm missing? It's like the file is displaying in tvh as Atlantic time instead of what the actual file says.

Edit: It's hard to display this, but here is a quick and dirty screenshot of the issue with a different time 5pm vs 4:30: http://i.imgur.com/35Tmgov.png

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RE: EPG is half hour off - Added by fog NL about 1 year ago

I'm after trying everything, I'm starting to think that maybe tvheadend doesn't support my weird half hour timezone. It seems like it's converting -0230 to -0200 hence the half hour earlier issue. This is the only OTA channel I have, so it's the only one that's having this issue.